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Roller Dolls

Update: 31.05.2017 / Roller Dolls

Jacline and Mary Jale get up to dress completely in transparent latex. The girls want to do a Vespa roller jaunt tour. It is nice sunny weather outside but they get very wet inside, why oh why?


Update: 20.05.2017 / Girlfriend

Monica is waiting for her girlfriend Miss Fetilicious, she will bring her an exciting surprise she said. She arrives in a sexy latex dress and brought along a very heavy suitcase. The girls spend all day with woman things.   

China Girl

Update: 29.04.2017 / China Girl

The rubber addicted china doll was completely dressed with a very tied and shiny transparent purple catsuit and ready to play. Lady Alexa was very turned on, to play with the china girl and couldn't stop touching her over the latex covered body.

Spring Fever

Update: 29.03.2017 / Spring Fever

Monica is enjoying the nice sunny weather on the terrace. The first flowers and the spring smell makes her feel happy. She celebrates the great time with a good glass of wine. 

Bizarr Dolls

Update: 18.03.2017 / Bizarr Dolls

The bizarr doll Miss Fetilicous visited her friend Monica and the girls played an exiting bondage game. Monicas arms was bound together behind the back, got thrilled and had to watch her friend getting very exciting.

Maid Wanted

Update: 25.01.2017 / Maid Wanted

The Rubbersisters was currently looking for new house personal. Maid Florence applied for a job and got invited for an interview. She had to demonstrate her skills and got examined from the rubber mistress.

Rubber Cats

Update: 14.01.2017 / Rubber Cats

Today Monica has to deal with 3 unrestraind rubber cats. She tries to feed the cats, Sarah, Aline and Jacline with milk and whipping cream as suddenly the cats get mad. See how she gets the situation under control.  

Merry Christmas

Update: 24.12.2016 / Merry Christmas

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a rubberised new year. Next year we will present you many more exiting new storrys, so be curious. Many thanks for you trust and loyalty. Your Rubbersisters Monica & Jacline

Golden Girls

Update: 23.11.2016 / Golden Girls

The Rubbersisters went to a fantastic party in Munich at the premium location, called studio Elegance. The girls where excited to discover all playrooms with many different toys. They could not resist to use them. Thanks to Nikitzo for the pictures.


Update: 12.11.2016 / Partygirls

3 completly different dressed party girls met in a hotel lounge and went out together for having fun. They are all very addicted to latex... Models: Monica, Jacline and Petra 

Oil Bath

Update: 12.10.2016 / Oil Bath

The transparent rubber girls Jacline and Mary Jale lubricate themself in an inflatable pvc pool. They use lots of silicone oil to get every part of their 2nd skin slippery. You can imagine, not only the pool was filled with lube after a while.


Update: 21.09.2016 / Sexworld

Monica went to a very nice Sex club.
She met a lot of sexy girls, look and touch each other and see herself from all the mirrors around. She really loves to be in the middle of all this sexy dolls.


Update: 10.08.2016 / Dolltraining

2 Rubberdolls, Monica and Sarah are dressed in red latex suits and got trained by Lady Jacline with dildos in different restrictions. The dolls had the live experience to be a helpless toy. Many thanks to our lovely rubber doll Sarah. Location: Ess and Emm

Red Bondage

Update: 20.07.2016 / Red Bondage

Monica arrived in the red bondage room and discovered 2 freaky girls playing. Shinyaline and Jacline  dressed in black rubber and gasmask had a very naughty plan now!!!
Photograph: SPO

Flying Doll

Update: 09.07.2016 / Flying Doll

Monica was locked up in Comtesse Larissas secret dungeon and had to wear a chastity belt. In the afternoon Jacline and Larissa surprised her with a very special captivation. The doll was flying and totaly helpless to the mercy of  the girls. 

San Francisco

Update: 18.05.2016 / San Francisco

San Fransisco is calling us again.
Come with us, for a exciting city tour in latex and enjoy the nice views...  Many thanks to our friends Steffy, Kerry and Paul for this beautiful day.

Office Slaves

Update: 07.05.2016 / Office Slaves

Two slave girls getting disciplined by Monica in her office. The rubber ladies have to work under the desk. They don't do the job right so they have to stay longer at work until to boss is pleased. Many thanks to Fetischfoto Team.

Business Trip

Update: 16.04.2016 / Business Trip

For a photo shooting Monica went to London in a very famous hotel on the Brighton beach. Look how she is styling herself and practise posing. She meets up with the photographer in the lobby and now she has to go to the ladies room.

Shoe Shopping

Update: 05.03.2016 / Shoe Shopping

Monica needs new high-heels, so she is going with Jacline to an very exclusive shoe shop. The sales girl Petra is serving champagne to her customers. Than she is presenting all she got and even more.

Carnival Venice

Update: 03.02.2016 / Carnival Venice

Monica was visiting the world famous place for masking "the venice carnival". It is amazing to be totaly transformed as female and walking with high laced boots through the crowd. Celebrating with friends in the streets of Venice is really a very exiting experience.