Pony Sisters

Update: 2018-11-07 / Pony Sisters

Riding Mistress Bijou visited the Rubbersisters and offered a kinky pony transformation. She undressed the casual clothing very quickly. We had to slipped into a tight latex catsuit und high laced boots. Both of as are very excited to get transformed into black pony girls.

Vibration Training

Update: 2018-10-27 / Vibration Training

Rubbersisters nursing student Mary Jale get trained in masturbation. Jacline, the chief nurse is showing her to use a magic wand properly. This vibrating tool is very effective recognised Mary after a while. She learnt the most importent skill very quickly.


Update: 2018-10-17 / Shower

After the shooting Monica is going for a shower. First she demonstrated how to pee while wearing the moniquin suit. Then she lather her body under the shower. To undress the suit she use a lot of liquid soap to slip easily out of the silicone suit.

Addicted Nurses

Update: 2018-10-06 / Addicted Nurses

Three addicted rubber nurses make the patients beds at the RS clinic! They dont waste any time and start a pervy clinic session. Hannah start stroking Jacline with a magic wont. Monica and Hannah are also getting horny. All 3 nurses ending up with a huge orgasm in the patients room. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Conventual 4

Update: 2018-09-26 / Conventual 4

The daily conventual ritual continues and Monica has to drop the chastity belt to get punished for her indecency. Jacline ties the sinful Monica firmly to a chair, so she can do penance.

Conventual 3

Update: 2018-09-15 / Conventual 3

In the rubber convent the sisters have to practise meditation with gas masks. After the cloister, Monica get undressed from her sister Jacline. Because of Monicas lasciviousnees she has to wear an abstinent appliance all day.

Summer Fashion

Update: 2018-09-05 / Summer Fashion

Monica presents her favorite summer clothes. In order to find the most suitable things for her, she had to try many bikinis, swimsuits and tops. She is very satisfied with her choice and feels confident to go out.

Wedding 2

Update: 2018-08-25 / Wedding 2

Just married! After an extended wedding party, Monica is taken to the bedroom by her bridegroom. She has to undress only her wedding grown and lay down on the bed. Jolie ties her by the arms and legs. Now the wedding night begins.

Summertime 3

Update: 2018-08-15 / Summertime 3

The sun starts to shine more intense and Monica is gettting hot. She decides to go into the water to cool down her curvy body. She takes down her clothes and Jacline could not resist to touch her. Monicas new Moniquin bodysuit fits her perfect and no one recognizes it is a silicone transformation suit.

Red Clinic

Update: 2018-08-04 / Red Clinic

Jacline is sitting on a gyno chair to get a checkup! These 2 transparent and red rubber lovers doing some dildo experiments. Monica feels up her wet pussy and loves to play with her real rubberdoll. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz